Veterinary Acupuncture

Stimulating the immune system and reducing pain.

How It Started

The origin of acupuncture dates back to ancient China. For centuries the healing art of acupuncture has been practiced on animals. This form of alternative medicine is based on bio-energy. Acupuncture can unblock healing energy in addition to boosting the immune system, which aids in self-healing. Acupuncture stimulates your pet’s own immune system to release endorphins and hormones, while at the same time decreasing inflammation both internally and externally.

Acupuncture Benefits

Here is a list of areas that respond favorably to veterinary acupuncture:

These are the areas most commonly treated with veterinary acupuncture in western medical practice.

Anxiety, epilepsy and behavioral disorders, have all responded well to veterinary acupuncture treatments.

All female reproductive conditions are acknowledged to respond to acupuncture treatment including anestrus, metritis, dystocia, retained placenta, agalactia, mastitis and mesalliance.

The skin can tell us if our pet is getting proper nutrition and how well they are disposing of waste through the respiratory, digestive and urinary systems. If an Acupuncturist can keep these organs and systems in good condition, this will be reflected in the skin.

Almost all of your pet’s hormonal systems can be affected, including all of the pituitary functions, thyroid & parathyroid functions, including adrenal functions. It is also possible to normalize blood sugar levels.